Understanding of autism has developed a great deal over recent years, but there is still a huge amount of work to be done. We cannot leave the responsibility for this research to future generations – we have a responsibility to play our part now. Research is vital not just to understand the causes and effects of autism, but also to evaluate treatments and interventions to ensure sure that people affected by autism receive the best possible support.

The Autism Research Trust endeavours to ensure the shortest lines of funding between the donor and the research project. We are an infrastructure-light charity that aspires to act as a conduit to funding the high-quality research of the Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.

Our key research objectives are:

  • To further our understanding of the role that genes play in autism
  • To improve early diagnosis and detection methods used by professionals
  • To evaluate treatments, interventions and therapies so that people with autism get the right support for their case
  • To understand the role that hormones might play in autism, particularly the sex hormones as a possible mechanism involved in understanding the different risk to males and females.