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We rely on your donations to continue vital research into autism spectrum conditions

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£100 would pay for someone with autism to travel to the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge for a day of testing, if necessary staying over night.

£1,000 would pay for a Cambridge autism scientist to attend the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in North America, to exchange latest findings with other autism researchers from different countries.

£5,000 would pay for saliva samples to be analysed for different hormone levels in 250 people with autism and 250 ‘controls’.

£10,000 would pay for cheek swab DNA to be analysed for genetic differences between 500 people with autism and 500 ‘controls’.

£20,000 would pay for MRI brain scanning for 25 people with autism and 25 ‘controls’.

£60,000 would pay for a PhD student autism research scholarship at Cambridge University for three years.

£250,000 would pay for a post-doctoral autism research staff at Cambridge University for five years.