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By investing in research we can ensure that people affected by autism receive the best possible support, now and in future generations. Please support our cutting edge research.


Our cutting edge research is helping to understand autism, improve diagnosis and evaluate interventions. Please donate today.

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1 in 100

people are on the autistic spectrum in the UK

Many are struggling to get the diagnosis and the services that they need.


of autistic people have anxiety and depression

Often the therapies and support they need are not available.


as many boys as girls are diagnosed with autism

It's increasingly believed that girls may be better at masking their difficulties, leading to their autism being missed.

Our Research

We fund a variety of projects, but predominantly at the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, to understand autism and explore effective interventions.

The Researchers

We fund pioneering researchers, working hard to understand autism. Read their biographies.

Why Research?

About 700,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with autism. Investing in research will help provide better support to autistic people and their families. 

Latest news

  • ART supports pioneering Autism Centre of Excellence

    The Autism Centre of Excellence is ART's new venture. The ACE will be the UK’s first national clinical and research centre for autistic people, whose lived experience will inspire and lead researchers to innovate where it's most needed. Read more

  • How does autism begin? A project to study brain development

    Stem cell research has transformed the way we study autism. Researchers funded by ART have been pioneering a technique nicknamed the ‘brain in a dish’ approach, which involves growing cells in a laboratory to see how the brain develops in the first weeks of life. Read more

  • Autism and mental health: what our research says

    The more research we do, the clearer it becomes that mental health issues have a huge impact on autistic people. That’s why this year it has, once more, been a major focus for us. Read more

Latest events

  • Autism Awareness Month 2020

    The 'It's Our World, too!' campaign says it loud and clear: acceptance is a birth right. Autistic people and their families have a right to feel included and fulfilled in everyday life, just like everyone else. Read more

  • Auction winner meets ART patron Jools Holland!

    Ryan McDonnell enjoyed a night of 'Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra', plus a 'Meet and Greet' with the music star... Read more

  • ACE event: Life Skills and Autism-at-Work

    ACE Chair, Ben Loomes, hosted a reception at Berry Brothers on 11th November to share plans for the Life Skills and Autism-at-Work programme. Read more