Robert is a venture capitalist, investing capital in high-potential technology startup companies. He previously worked as at Prime Ventures and as a consultant for the Monitor Group, a management consultant firm specialized in strategy consultation. He worked in Monitor’s New York and London offices advising blue-chip corporates in a broad range of industries.

Robert started his career as an Analyst at PA Consulting Group in New York and holds a BS degree in Business Management from Babson College, MA, USA.

His interest in autism spectrum research is personal, as his son Rover was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at a young age. Robert and his wife have been working tirelessly with many specialists to get the most out of Rover’s development. In the process of learning more about his son’s condition, he has become aware of the disparity between the high prevalence of autism and the relatively low levels of private funding for research.

Robert is strongly committed to help propel autism research and understanding to the next level and give it the public awareness and private funding it deserves.