Vulnerability in Autism: The Policy Guidelines Study

This study will translate the findings from the two previous vulnerability studies (Vulnerability in Mental Health and Vulnerability in schools: The National Pupil Database Study) into practice by writing policy guidelines for the UK Government’s relevant departments. Read more

Amba Rickards

Amba completed the London Marathon 2019, raising nearly £5,000 for autism research. Read more

Amba Rickards completes London Marathon 2019

ART supporter Amba Rickards rose whole-heartedly to the challenge of the London Marathon - and had an amazing day! Read more

Autism Awareness Month 2019

We reached out to schools with discussion worksheets and 'inclusive' fundraiser ideas to celebrate diversity. We can all help one another with simple acts of kindness. Read more

Cambridge Autism Genetics Symposium

This event took place on Friday 22nd March, featuring Professor Simon Baron-Cohen among the distinguished speakers presenting on the progressive topic of autism genetics. Find out more... Read more

Alexander's Story

By his mother, Anne Read more

The Autism Research Trust

We fund research to understand the causes of autism, improve diagnosis and explore interventions to ensure that autistic people receive the best possible support. Read more

Children's books launched for Christmas with proceeds to ART

ART trustee, Dr Lewis Owens, launches two wonderful children's books in time for Christmas. Following the adventures of Archie, an autistic 11-year old boy, these heart-warming stories are fun and thought-provoking reads for children of all ages. Proceeds of the books are kindly being donated to ART. Read more

Pilot neuroimaging study of savants

Several psychological theories have attempted to explain why autistic individuals are predisposed to talent, but few studies have used neuroimaging to investigate common brain features that may underlie the exceptional cognitive capabilities characteristic of people with savant skills. This pilot study represents the first step in disentangling what the neuroanatomical and functional similarities and differences are. Read more

Genome-wide association meta-anaylsis of autistic traits

1000 genes and many genetic variants may cause autism, yet so far less than 100 genes and 5 common genetic variants have been linked to autism. By conducting a genome-wide association meta-anaylsis of autistic traits in the general population we hope to accelerate this genetic variant discovery to further our understanding of autism, and help improve diagnosis Read more

Liam and Grandad

Liam and David completed the Coast to Coast challenge in June 2018, raising over £1,700. Read more

Prudential RideLondon

Find out more about this iconic 100-mile cycling event which takes place on Sunday 4th August 2019. ART has two places so sign up now! Read more

Book Launch for ACE

Broadcaster and journalist, Anne Atkins, launches her novel 'An Elegant Solution', the protagonist of which is autistic, with a percentage of proceeds to ACE. Read more

News Autism project

New auti Read more

Gwilym Renouf

Gwilym ran the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018, raising over £1,800. Read more

Autism: The Real Impact

Panel discussion and fundraising event for the Autism Centre of Excellence
May 2018 Read more

Vulnerability in schools: The National Pupil Database Study

Researchers will use the National Pupil Database (NPD) and linked social care databases to examine vulnerability of children with recorded autism special educational needs (SEN) in comparison to children with other SEN and no SEN Read more

Autism and the Criminal Justice System

Tackling a sensitive but incredibly important topic, this research will look to inform us about possible reasonable adjustments that could be made in order that lawyers, judges and the court system conduct fair trials when autistic individuals are involved. Read more

Association of cancer and autism in a UK population

In the first study of its kind in the UK, the Clinical Practice Research Database will be used to specifically investigate the association between cancer and autism in a UK population. Read more

Hormones and Biomarkers in Pregnancy

This project comprises of three smaller studies looking at the levels of hormones alongside cognitive testing, physical measurements and scans, to understand what causes variation in autistic traits in the general population and why autism is more common in boys. Read more

Gwilym runs the London Marathon 2018

ART is delighted for runner Gwilym Renouf, as he completes this iconic event for the first time! Read more

Oxytocin Project

The use of oxytocin as an aid to help autistic people in social situations is not fully tested. This study will inform any decision as to whether it should be made widely available to autistic adults. Read more

Investigating the role of NRXN1 in autism

This project looks to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the role of the Neurexin 1 gene in autism using induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology. Read more