Mental Health Awareness Week: the link between autism and suicide

Autistic people are 9 x more likely to die from suicide than non-autistic people. This week we are highlighting a research project about the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide, one of the most recent explanations for why someone decides to take their own life. Read more

Autism Awareness Month: Preparing the World

Dan's 7 year old son, Joshie, is severely autistic and non-verbal, but while being on the Autistic Spectrum is far from easy, Dan explains it is the lack of awareness within society that is the real challenge. Read more

Autism and COVID

Read more about the contrasting experiences and reactions of the autism community to the exceptional circumstances of the past year, the challenges and what we can learn. Read more

Autism Awareness Month: progress of last 20 years

Lisa, mother to 22-year old Robert who is autistic with moderate to severe learning difficulties, explains the importance of Autism Awareness Month and how while lots more needs to be done, the progress of the past 20 years should be celebrated. Read more

Autism Awareness Month: Collaborative support

How can research help autistic people in their daily lives? We talk to Dr Meng-Chuan Lai about the definition of autism and the importance of designing autism-friendly interventions that can change lives. Read more

Autism Awareness Month: The unique experiences of an autistic mother

Researcher Sarah Hampton explains that pregnancy is unpredictable and demanding enough without the additional sensory and communication difficulties associated with autism. Read more

ART supports pioneering Autism Centre of Excellence

The Autism Centre of Excellence is ART's new venture. ACE will be the UK’s first national clinical and research centre for autistic people, whose lived experience will inspire and lead researchers to innovate where it's most needed. Read more

How does autism begin? A project to study brain development

Stem cell research has transformed the way we study autism. Researchers funded by ART have been pioneering a technique nicknamed the ‘brain in a dish’ approach, which involves growing cells in a laboratory to see how the brain develops in the first weeks of life. Read more

Autism and mental health: what our research says

The more research we do, the clearer it becomes that mental health issues have a huge impact on autistic people. That’s why this year it has, once more, been a major focus for us. Read more

Shaping our future

With your support, we’ve moved forward in so many ways. Find out about our research achievements. Read more

Top autism and research stories

Our most popular recent autism news stories. Read more

Festive fundraising for ART

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a shopping enthusiast, there are still ways you can raise money to transform the lives of autistic people this Christmas. Read more

Understanding the spectrum, by looking at genetics

Thanks to your support, our researchers are diving into the criteria used to diagnose autistic people, to see whether there is a genetic correlation too. Read more

Autistic adults face greater risk of hardship

Autistic adults are vulnerable to financial trouble, abusive relationships and employment difficulties, according to new research. Could this be why more autistic adults experience anxiety and depression? Read more

Recent findings from 7 autism projects

Research takes time but, at the Autism Research Trust, we are beginning to see results from some amazing projects that we have funded in previous years. Read more about 7 of these findings... Read more

10 amazing projects, 10 ways we're changing lives!

Last year, we funded some incredible research projects ranging from investigating the role of genes in autism to the life of autistic individuals in schools and the criminal justice system. Read more... Read more

Building speech and teaching emotions: Educational resources for autistic children

Cambridge Autism Learning is a new online platform providing educational resources for autistic people and parents of autistic children. All educational resources are based on successful research projects that have shown they can work. Read more

A resolution for research

Challenge yourself and raise money and awareness for autism research! Read more

Children's books launched for Christmas with proceeds to ART

ART trustee, Dr Lewis Owens, launches two wonderful children's books. Following the adventures of Archie, an autistic 11-year old boy, these heart-warming stories are fun and thought-provoking reads for all ages. Proceeds are kindly being donated to ART. Read more

A new study on the unique qualities of the autistic mind

With your support, we funded the world’s largest ever study looking into autistic people’s interests and skills in two specific areas – systemizing and empathy. Read more

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Genetic research and autism: for better understanding and support

There are fears that the aim of genetics research into autism is a form of eugenics to “normalise” autistic people. Although Simon Baron-Cohen understands where this fear stems from, both him and his research teams are firmly against any sort of genetic engineering. Read more

Bricks for Autism: LEGO-based therapy for children

Bricks for Autism is a social venture that aims at supporting children with communication and learning disabilities through a therapy of building LEGO models. And whilst helping children with autism develop key skills, it also helps funding vital research. Read more

Autistic children: destined to be uneducated, untrained and unemployed?

The Autism Research Centre is embarking on a new study to find out whether children with autism are at a higher risk of falling into the NEET category – Not in Education, Employment, or Training. Read more