Recruiting volunteers for a speech course study for parents

We are recruiting volunteers for a study to support parents in improving their autistic children's speech. Would you take part?Read more

Classical Music for Autism Awareness

Tickets on Sale Now! Join us for this classical music night to raise funds for Autism Research. Organised for Autism Awareness Month, this event will see talented classical music artists take the stage, and play some great classical tunes.Read more

Volunteers needed!

Help us understand the experiences of autistic people and their heath, by filling out a 20 minute survey. You don't have to be on the spectrum to take part! The survey is for everyone who wants to help.Read more

Wired differently: a poem

On a school holiday day, on a very emotional moment, a mother wrote a poem about her son, Tristan, who has Asperger's syndrome - and it's gone viral.Read more

Are autistic people being misdiagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?

A new study has shown that there is an overlap in the behaviour traits of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Autism. Could this mean people are receiving the wrong diagnosis?Read more

ART Shares Plans for New Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE)

The Autism Research Trust is working on a wonderful new project – the creation of the Cambridge Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE).Read more

Do you have a maths degree?

Whether you are autistic or not, we're looking for people with a degree in mathematical sciences to take part in research.Read more

Dear Society... Signed, Autism (VIDEO)

Enjoy this uplifting talk and understand more about what it’s like to live on the autism spectrum as an adult.Read more

Do genes influence our ability to recognise other people’s thoughts and feelings?

Our ability to recognise and understand people's thoughts and feelings, known as ‘cognitive empathy’, is partly influenced by variations in our genome, a new study confirms.Read more