'It's Our World, Too!'

Did you know that 28% of autistic people have been asked to leave a public place because of behaviours associated with being autistic?

This year, our Awareness campaign 'It's Our World, too!' says it loud and clear - acceptance is a birthright; autistic people and their families have a right to feel included, comfortable and fulfilled in everyday life, just like everyone else.


ART will be collaborating with the Egyptian National Autism Society who are encouraging autistic people to submit short videos about themselves so their own voices can be heard. ART will support by offering 'My Voice' worksheets for UK schools and families (home-schooling) about the importance of respecting, including and listening to autistic friends and members of the community. Please email for more details.

We hear from a young autistic boy on why 'It's Our World, too'...

"I dream of a better world, where people are free to stim and script, talk or not talk, make eye contact or avoid it. Where classrooms welcome people of all abilities and traits. A world with places of silence, soft lighting and squishy things and safe spaces. Where autistic people who can work find rewarding employment, and those who can’t have a solid safety net to support and inspire them. Where research develops better support, better technology, better access. Where autistic people have equal representation in government, positions of power in the justice system, in medical professions and in education. And where autistic people can be recognised and respected regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or other disabilities.

It’s what we deserve, not what we earn by demonstrating extraordinary gifts or “contributing to society” in some material way or by being inspirational to non-disabled people, but by our very existence."

In line with the ethos for the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE), only by listening to autistic people and taking their lead, can we achieve real change and progress. 


We are looking forward to April's online game streaming event. Echoing the success of last year's event which raised over £10,000, we will be reaching thousands of gamers with the powerful 'It's Our World, too!' awareness message, as well as sharing the latest plans for the Autism Centre of Excellence. Thank you again to everyone involved! 


ART friends in Cornwall have written a beautiful book which provides a sensitive introduction to autism for children, allowing readers to recognise signs and offer empathy and friendship. 'I'm a bunny who know what it's like to have autism' is a moving and informed read. Click here to buy.