Private bank C. Hoare & Co. kindly hosted an insightful panel discussion about the impact of autism on the rest of the family, as part of the fundraising drive for the new Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE).

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen spoke about the importance of research and how, under one ‘roof’ of the ACE, findings will be seamlessly translated straight into clinical practise all the while being led directly by the needs of the autistic individual and their family.

The audience also heard from a selection of candid family members (parents, siblings as well as autistic individuals themselves) about the hugely diverse range of challenges faced across the autism spectrum and the remarkable and profound effects these have on the immediate family and beyond. Each person reflected on their situations and how life-changing such a dedicated centre would be.

The ACE is a unique and very special collaboration between autistic people and their families, the work of world-class researchers and excellent clinical services.

Our thanks goes to the following speakers at this event:

  • Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge
  • Sibling angle: Francesca Peak, daughter of ACE donor, has an autistic brother
  • Mother angle: Lisa Binks, ACE donor and mother of autistic son
  • Father angle: Adrian Binks – presented video, as above
  • Autistic individual angle: Jon Adams, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult
  • Mother angle: Leda Nelis, ACE donor and mother of autistic son