If you are a researcher at a university in Cambridgeshire, you are eligible to apply for funds when we announce an open call for proposals.

Current calls for proposals

Post-doctoral scientist to investigate iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) neurons in autism

Research in Cambridge and Kings College London has found differences in prenatal neuronal formation and function in model systems using iPSC neurons, between autism and neurotypical individuals. The Autism Research Trust invites applications from higher education institutions in Cambridgeshire to extend such research to investigate the genes involved in the relevant pathways responsible for such early brain developmental differences. This research aims to understand the biology of autism.

The funding available is for one year salary at postdoctoral level, and applicants should send in a research proposal (4 pages maximum) and a CV of the postdoc, by the closing date of 15th May 2020, to Jenny Raine, Autism Research Trust.

Email: [email protected].