ART trustee, Dr Lewis Owens, has written two beautiful stories which follow the adventures of an 11-year old boy called Archie.

Archie is autistic and has a rather unique mind and way of seeing things. He loves numbers and trains but hates being late and Dad's embarrassing jokes.

The first book, 'Archie's Way', describes an eventful day when Archie and Dad embark on the London Underground Challenge! Archie finds himself not only looking back into the past but also forward to the future in order to solve a mystery and help the strange, ghostly figure of Eugene Reeves. Along the journey, Archie also realises why his favourite school classmate, Felicity Fishmonger, is sometimes cruel to him but deep down is a really good person.

The second book 'Archie and the Icelandic Mystery' sees father and son head to the fascinating island of Iceland. We hear about their exploits as they seek to solve a mystery on the island of Viðey, two kilometres from the mainland.

Both stories have been developed by the author and his son, resulting in an authentic, powerful and heart-warming read.