Ensuring autism clinical services are tightly integrated with autism research is at the heart of the Cambridge Autism Centre of Excellence. 

Autism is an unbelievably complex, multifactorial condition and research is vital to fill the enormous gap in our scientific understanding, and ultimately to provide new avenues for interventions. Only with evidence-based information can we progress and make tangible change to people's lives.

Excellence in services and life skills at the ACE

A spectrum of needs means a spectrum of care options.

Whether you require a diagnosis for your minimally-verbal 4-year-old, or you are a 50-year-old autistic woman struggling to cope in the workplace, support at the ACE will be excellent in quality, individualised, wide-reaching and delivered with compassion and respect for difference. A bespoke plan will be agreed, which may include therapies, interventions or skills-training, depending on the person’s needs.

The value of a multi-disciplinary team

Often, the most effective treatment requires a team of providers. Crucially, finding the right support for autism should not be complicated. The ACE will put an end to the stress and confusion by providing multi-disciplinary teams of specialists who will work together.

Each team may include:

  • psychiatrists
  • clinical and educational psychologists
  • speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • music and art therapists
  • family therapists
  • support workers, employment mentors and benefits advisors
  • counsellors