Navigating life with autism can be complex enough without being referred to a large number of people and locations for the services you need. And if those services are not communicating well it makes life even harder.   

At the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Cambridge we will pioneer a joined up approach between services by having them all under one roof. And as we’ll be doing research onsite too, we’ll have a strong evidence base for all the support we’re offering.

This will help us  maximise our impact on the lives of the autistic people we’re working with.

The teams we will bring together

A spectrum of needs means a spectrum of care options. You might be looking for a diagnosis for your minimally-verbal 4-year-old, or you might be a 50-year-old autistic woman struggling to cope in the workplace. 

We’ll be hosting a huge range of services to suit these varying needs, including:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical and educational psychologists
  • Speech therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Music and art therapists
  • Family therapists
  • Support workers, employment mentors and benefits advisors
  • Counsellors.

We’ll make sure everyone we support gets an individualised plan which recognises their unique needs. And whichever of our specialists are involved, they’ll work together on research, therapies and interventions and on helping autistic people develop essential life and work skills:

Support us  

Delivering support in this way has never been done before, but all our research points towards it being the right approach. An approach that will change the lives of autistic people and their families for the better.

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