We’ve launched a campaign to raise funds to build the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Cambridge. It will be the first national clinical and research centre for autistic people in the UK, and will transform autism research and the quality of life for all autistic people. But we need your help.

There are 700,000 autistic people in the UK, but no consistent, coordinated approach for autistic people and their families to get support. Research into autism is not linked closely to clinical activity, so new findings aren’t translated into practice.

The ACE will work closely with autistic people, their families, professors, lecturers, researchers, clinicians and support networks to change this.

I want to see a seamless clinical pathway, for toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults, getting a timely diagnosis – within weeks, not months or years – and receiving quality support at any point in their lives, when they need it.

- Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, ACE project lead


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Our vision

We want to change the shape of support for autistic people by:

  • Offering outpatient support across the whole autism spectrum within the Cambridgeshire region
  • Improving waiting lists for a diagnosis
  • Ensuring follow up and support post-diagnosis
  • Providing advice on benefits and peer support groups
  • Providing support for basic life and leisure skills
  • Providing signposting for education and employment mentoring
  • Providing advice for autistic individuals and family members on issues ranging from mental health to parental support.

Our fundraising campaign 

We aim to raise £35m to create the centre by 2025. This includes £8m for the building, £14m for research and £13m to provide therapies and interventions. 

Donating to our campaign is a crucial step towards improving the lives of autistic people and their families, for good.

Thank you

Thanks for all the support you’ve already given - through donations, events, and volunteering. You are the reason there’s a brighter future for autistic people on the horizon. 


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