We know how important it is for autistic people to be in work. It boosts their confidence and independence, and brings them into a community. But currently, only 16% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time paid employment, and 40% suffer from anxiety and depression.


In many cases, parents and carers continue to provide a huge amount of support as their children reach adulthood, while autistic people can feel powerless and directionless.

That’s why the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Cambridge will ensure, via its selection of excellent partners, autistic people gain skills and confidence to help them pursue the career they want. 

Why work is so important

Being in work transforms lives by:

  • Improving mental health
  • Creating a sense of belonging and acceptance of difference
  • Make a person feel valued 

ACE will work with its partners to

  • Provide support across all ages, by, for example, teaching routine life skills
  • Help families access the right education
  • Provide guidance for coping with anxiety in the playground, classroom or workplace
  • Help with preparation for job interviews and work placements

Support us 

By donating to the ACE you can help us revolutionise the career prospects of people with autism, giving them the chance to fulfil their potential.