With your support we’ve moved forward in so many ways. Read on to find out about one of our biggest achievements yet, and some ground-breaking new projects.

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The Autism Centre of Excellence: an ambitious new venture

We’re excited to share the biggest step we’ve made this year: launching a £35m fundraising campaign to create the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Cambridge. We hope the centre will transform autism research, and ultimately transform lives. 

We could not have reached this stage without our supporters donating, taking part in events, and giving their time to support us – so thank you. 

Read our vision for the ACE, and if you’d like to join this journey, please make a donation online

Making mental health a priority

The ACE is not all we’ve been busy with – thanks to an amazing £900k in donations, we’re proud to have continued supporting 17 research projects this year. Our projects turned up some important findings, and have been mentioned in 26 scientific articles. 

Mental health has been a major focus for our research, and we published four papers on the topic this year. It’s urgent we make more breakthroughs in this area as more than half of autistic adults suffer from depression or anxiety. Our researchers have been looking at the reasons for this, in particular why autistic people are more likely to commit suicide. 

We also looked into the treatment autistic people are getting for mental health issues, and whether they are providing practical solutions. This helped us recommend new ways medical professionals could support them.

Read a full summary of our research findings in the 2019 impact report.

6 new research projects announced

Your donations in 2019 helped us set up six new research projects, including:

  • A study into why autistic people might be at higher risk of heart problems. We will run the largest ever assessment of cardiovascular health in autism, looking at 20 million health records.
  • Creating new policy guidelines and recommendations to help those working with autistic people provide better support when faced with bullying, unemployment, domestic violence and mental health problems.
  • A study into the employment experiences of people with autism. We will use the results to write guidelines for making workplaces more autism-friendly.

Download the 2018/2019 impact report to read more about our new research projects.

Could you help us transform the lives of autistic people?

Without our supporters, we could not have funded any of the research outlined above or set up the campaign for the Autism Centre of Excellence. We are grateful to all of you. 

While the ACE will help us provide autistic people with better and quicker diagnosis, therapies, and with the employment support they deserve, ongoing research will change lives. But we need your continued support to help us continue moving forward. 
Join us on our journey to creating a better future for autistic people and their families. Donate today.