ART is delighted to introduce the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE). Led by autistic people and their families, ACE will turn world-class research into world-class services by harnessing the strengths of the University of Cambridge. This will enable autistic people to live the lives they want, through timely diagnosis and access to individually tailored therapy and life skills, education and employment support – all in one place.

Many autistic people do not have their basic human rights met, let alone have access to a consistent and coordinated approach for help. Currently, autism research and clinical practice are not joined up, and the benefits of research are slow to flow into tangible, hands-on support.

ACE will work closely with autistic people, their families, professors, lecturers, researchers, clinicians and support networks to change this.

“I want to see a seamless clinical pathway, for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults, getting a timely diagnosis – within weeks, not months or years – and receiving quality support at any point in their lives, when they need it.”

– Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, ACE project lead.

The Autism Research Trust is fully committed to help fund this new and pioneering venture, as this will dramatically increase the chances for autistic people and their families to get the support they need, including:

• Outpatient support across the whole autism spectrum within Cambridgeshire
• Timely diagnosis
• Follow up and support after a person is diagnosed
• Advice on benefits and peer support groups
• Support for basic life and leisure skills
• Signposting for education and employment mentoring
• Advice for autistic individuals and family members on issues ranging from mental health to parental support.