Can you help? The Autism Research Centre in Cambridge is recruiting parents of autistic children with minimal verbal abilities to volunteer for a study. With their input, we hope to develop a course for parents that can support them in improving their children speech and sound production. 

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What we can achieve: better support to parents

With your help, we would like to develop further an existing course that is helping parents to improve speech sounds in their children with autism. This course is going to be soon available through Cambridge Autism Learning, a social business partially owned by the Autism Research Trust, that aims to provide high quality science based products for people with autism and their families.

We hope that with this study we can get better at helping parents improve their children's speech sounds, as well as understand further the processes involved in speech production in children with autism. Ultimately this could lead to future research and development of interventions.

What's needed to take part?

We are inviting parents who have a child between the ages of 3 and 10 years, with a diagnosis of autism to take part in this study.

Specifically, we would like to invite parents of minimally verbal children, who struggle with the motor skills involved in production of speech sounds, as this is what the course aims to improve.

To say thank you for taking park...

... you will receive free access to the speech course for the duration of the study and for six months afterwards. If you come to Cambridge in person, your travel expenses will also be reimbursed. This will include petrol at 35p/mile up to 100 miles each way, or any reasonable bus/rail journey to Cambridge.

Download the Information Sheet