Our goal is to support research that can help understand the causes of autism, improve the diagnosis and explore interventions to ensure that autistic people receive the best possible support.

Setting our priorities

We are committed to listening to autistic people and their families and our board of trustees only want to fund projects that will directly benefit the lives of autistic people.

The research we fund aims at answering some of the most pressing issues raised by autistic people and their families through the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership (PSP), a set of questions we identified together with a number of parnters, including Autistica, the National Autistic Society and Autism Alliance.  

Some of the questions we're trying to address are:

  1. Which interventions are effective in the development of communication/language skills in autism?
  2. Which interventions reduce anxiety in autistic people?
  3. How can we diagnose autism earlier?
  4. Which interventions improve mental health or reduce mental health problems in people with autism? How should mental health interventions be adapted for the needs of people with autism?

Read the full list of the priorities identified by the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership on their website.

Supporting the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge

The majority of funding continues to be awarded to the Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge, who we believe has the track record of over 20 years to carry out novel, high-quality, rigorous and ethical research to help all autistic people whatever their age.

Together, we can deepen our understanding of autism by examining the biomedical causes of autism spectrum conditions, as well as developing new and validated methods for assessment and intervention.

Please support our research

In 2016/2017 we awarded grants to support 8 different projects across a range of projects at the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge and we are aiming even higher in the years to come. 

Please donate today and help us fund cutting edge research that will make a difference in the lives of autistic people and their families.