Aim of the project

We are excited to fund the development of an online course to help parents and carers help autistic children to learn to speak.  
Working with Linguisticator, a developer and deliverer of online courses in language course, this course will teach parents and carers to help their children formulate sounds and speech production focussing on the movement of the tongue.

Importance of research

One of the most prominent and pressing issues in developing speech for non-verbal autistic children is a lack of motor skills for producing the sounds necessary for speech.  However, in existing interventions there is little training in motor skills for sound production.  Parents are also struggling to access Speech and Language sessions. 

This course will provide training to the parents and carers to be able to work with the children on a regular basis to effect the intensity of training necessary to for them to develop the habits of motor skills required for speech.

Scientists involved

  • Dr Aaron Ralby, founder of Linguisticator 
  • Josie Newman