ART awarded funding for a partnership between The Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) at McGill University and the University of Cambridge.  They have partnered to establish collaborative research and training opportunities in neuroscience. The goal of these projects is to foster scientific excellence through collaboration.

The first project we funded is 'Probing network dynamics in autism and their link to atypical cortical microstructure and genetics'

Aim of the project

The project studies how brain function dynamically reconfigures in typically developing individuals and autistic people. Using functional MRI, researchers will quantify dynamic interactions between brain networks involved in sensory, perceptual and thought processes in order to understand the diverse behavioural symptoms of autistic people. The team will also examine age effects, as well as neurological and genetic factors contributing to dynamic brain functional measures.

Importance of research

This project bridges molecular and brain network-level mechanisms of autism. These novel measures could be beneficial for the monitoring of interventions. The project continues a successful collaboration of a multi-disciplinary network of early career researchers and trainees at the MNI and Cambridge, and will further enhance the link between both centres in advancing the understanding of autism.

Researchers involved

  • Dr Boris Bernhard
  • Dr Richard Bethlehem
  • Dr Casey Paquola
  • Dr Varun Warrier
  • Dr Bo-yong Park

Key findings

This will be a 1 year study starting February 2020