The Transporters was developed with the Autism Research Centre. It's a mini-series that uses animated vehicles with real human faces to help children transfer learning to real life.

The Transporters has been shown to work:

  • The series has been tested with children with autism all the way through its development.
  • The Transporters is fully evaluated.
  • Thousands of families throughout the world are already benefiting from The Transporters.
  • In 2010, The Transporters won the Association of Electronic Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award for Special Education Preschool.
  • In 2007 The Transporters was nominated for a prestigious Learning Primary BAFTA award.


The Transporters has been fantastic for us, and now (only a couple of weeks later), it seems that my 4 year old's understanding of emotions and recognizing the facial expression has improved enormously.

The difference in my grandson has been absolutely unbelievable! He recognizes when people are happy, sad etc. His school has found a big difference in his behaviour, so thank you.

We have been amazed! After only viewing two episodes she commented that "sister looks happy" and then we noticed that she is looking at our faces. She came up to me and said "sister looks worried.