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Three Peaks Challenge - UK

12th-14th October 2018

Grit and determination are vital to complete this fast paced challenge!

With a total trekking time of 15 hours or less, you will climb around 10,000 feet and walk approx. 22 miles. It’s no wonder this charity challenge is the most highly regarded trekking challenge in the UK!

A testing challenge, yes, but with support and exceptional care and encouragement you can conquer this classic charity event.   You will be driven through the night, guided up each mountain and even giving the occasional hug and high five when required.  Join our team and tick this classic UK challenge off your list. 

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Inca Trail Trek - Peru

9th-18th November 2018

A one in a lifetime experience that you'll never forget.

At an altitude of 3,300m, the first day is spent acclimatising by taking a trek around the famous Inca sites surrounding Cusco.

Then the team is off to conquer the one and only Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – the world’s most important archaeological find and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World!  There are literally thousands of Inca Trails within Peru and many other charity events sound similar, but there’s only one Inca Trail that leads through the majestic Sun Gate, and onto the fascinating ruins of Machu Picchu.  

This classic Inca Trail encompasses 3 high mountain passes – the highest being 4,200m. The trek will be tough but upon witnessing the sight of Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate mirrored with breath-taking views across the Andes your efforts will be more than worthwhile!

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