Sunday 22nd April saw Gwilym Renouf complete his first London Marathon!

Having applied to participate in this epic event for the last few years, Gwilym was over the moon to be selected to represent ART and has embarked on the challenge with suitable dedication and aplomb! Plenty of training runs and lots of spreading the word about autism research.

Gwilym worked at the Autism Research Centre, alongside Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, so his commitment to reaching a deeper understanding of autism and improving lives for autistic people is evident.

In his work, Gwilym has gained extensive knowledge of the everyday challenges faced by families living with this frustrating and often heart-breaking condition. The emotional, physical and financial impact can be huge, and not just on the individual but their siblings, parents and extended family.

Gwilym’s recognition that there is an urgent need for more research that can really make a difference to our understanding of autism reflects the ethos of ART and underpins our ongoing efforts. 

We are proud and delighted for Gwilym who raised over £1,800 running this incredible distance, what an achievement!