Autism Centre of Excellence logo 200x200The first of its kind here in the UK, the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) will be a unique and very special collaboration between autistic people and their families, the work of world-class researchers and excellent clinical services.

Compassionate and experienced professionals will work together under one roof, communicating closely to support autistic people across the spectrum, whatever their age, life stage or challenge.

Innovation at the heart of Cambridge

Located in Cambridge, the Autism Centre of Excellence will integrate scientific innovation, for which the University of Cambridge is world-renowned, with compassionate lifelong care and evidence-based interventions for autistic people.

Support will be available from infancy through to childhood, adolescence and adulthood, including help with independent living and employment.

An ambitious fundraising target

The creation of the ACE is an exciting project for the Autism Research Trust and we welcome your input and support. This is an extraordinary opportunity, our chance to transform the quality of life of autistic people and to accelerate autism research.

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